Pato Expects to Keep Playing in Europe 2016


Alexandre Pato future at Chelsea is believed to be a matter of time. The Brazilian striker is now hoping no other European club interested and recruited him.

Pato joined Chelsea since last January on loan from Corinthians. The Blues have the option to mempermanenkan 26 players this year, but is believed to not be activated clauses.

Ex-AC Milan was only performed twice with Chelsea under Guus Hiddink, successfully contributed one goal. The lack of opportunity was recognized Pato played quite disappointing, because he actually wished she had time to performance capabilities.

“I was there in the room (Hiddink). I asked for the opportunity to speak, explaining my situation. He is very honest: ‘Pato, you come at a time when our players injured. Now they recovered and I am very loyal to my players,'” Pato said to SporTV livescore123.

“I understand the coach’s decision. I arrived at a time when the team closed, competing for a place in the Champions League, in the decisive matches. I was actually hoping to play more often, but I understand the coach’s decision.”

“I do not regret moving on. Chelsea received me very well. I can play, scored, I show myself to perform in Europe, in England. Because many say English is very difficult. But yes, I was hoping for more,” he added as quoted by Sky Sports.

Pato personally already feel will be part of the plan Antonio Conte will take over as manager at Chelsea next season. But he hopes to keep playing in Europe and now opens the opportunity for clubs there.

“I want to stay in Europe. I focus on Europe today, I want to play there. But if not, I will come back here (Corinthians),” he said.

“I said to my agent that at this point I do not want to listen to anyone in Brazil. I can not say yes or no at this point, I do not want to make someone hope or anger. Let us see until July 1 and if there is nothing in Europe, we would sit and listen to these clubs, “said the owner of 27 caps with the Brazilian national team.

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