Emotions Selena Gomez See a fan write “Marry Justin Bieber ‘


Selena Gomez expression suddenly changed while undergoing a concert in California, last weekend. The cause, Selena saw the writing marry Justin Bieber

elena actually enjoy the concert which was part of a tour Revival. He approached one corner of the stage where fans watched the concert.
When greet his fans, Selena handed a paper titled ‘Please Marry Justin Bieber.’ Suddenly alone, Selena quickly took the paper, squeezed and threw to the other side of the stage.

Selena action that was recorded on camera and he became viral on social media. After throwing the paper, Selena continued his concert.

The fan said he did not intend to make Selena angry or upset. As a fan of both of them, he just wants to see former lovers were reunited and married.

“He did not say anything after that. I get my papers back. I did not mean any harm. I love Justin and Selena and love them together,” he said.

Selena had previously been expressed anxiety to the questions that arise when trying to start the tour Revival. Instead we asked about her world tour, Selena even more often asked about his relationship with Justin Bieber.

“I’m trying to promote something that I love and the rest of the interview that is about my personal life,” lamented Selena Female first quoted as saying.

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