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German Government: No Evidence of Religious Motifs Related stabbing


The Government of Germany said there was no evidence that religious motives involved in the stabbing incident at the Railway Station Grafing. The incident killed one person.

“Until now, we did not find any evidence of religious motives involved. The investigation is still continuing,” said government spokesman region of Bavaria, Oliver Platzer, told AFP on Tuesday (05/10/2016).

“We found that the perpetrators of stabbing suffering from psychological problems and drug abuse,” said Platzer.

As previously known, a man suddenly do a stabbing at a train station in Germany.

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Performers are known the 27-year-old, carrying out attacks on Grafing station on Tuesday, May 10th at 5:00 am local time.

Mayor of Grafing Angelik Obermayr said that the perpetrators of stabbing is a German citizen. As a result of the incident, one of the platform of the station Grafing currently banned entry for residents.

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