40 Points Warriors Stephen Curry Take Away from Blazers

Golden State Warriors (GSW) widened the advantage to 3-1 when playing contra Portland Trail Blazers in the fourth game of the NBA play-offs semifinals western region, Tuesday, May 10 noon CST. Stephen Curry donated 40 points to bring the Warriors won with a score of 132-125 through overtime.

Playing at Moda Center, headquarters Blazers, Warriors started the game poorly. They are easily distressed and have to recognize the benefits Blazers with a score of 18-26 in the first quarter.

READ JUGAMenang Through Overtime, Heat Back on RaptorsMenang Excellence in Game Fourth, Thunder Equate notch SpursCavaliers Qualify for the Eastern Conference Finals So even in the second quarter. Dreymond Green et al have not been able to escape from the pressures. They are lagging far behind 57-67. However, gradually, the Warriors improve the appearance of the third quarter. They scored 29 extra points for winning turn thin 86-85.

The fourth quarter, the match was very tight. Blazers who appeared before himself did not shy and provide resistance. Through Damian Lillard, Blazers to improve its performance in the last quarter.

Chase chase inevitable figures. Both Blazers and Warriors continued to alternate the lead. Until the fourth quarter is finished, the same score of 111-111 strong inevitable. The match must be continued into the last overtime.

In the overtime round, the Warriors are better prepared and perform tactical. Curry is really a scourge for the Blazers defense. The defending NBA champions managed to add 21 points in overtime half, while the Blazers only 14 points. The final result Warriors won 132-125.

The best player in this match is Curry with a gain of 40 points. It became the highest achievement points among players who played. In the second place there is the name of his teammate Curry, Klay Thompson scored 27 points.

These results make the Warriors a 3-1 aggregate ungggul over Blazers in the best of seven systems. Another victory brought the Warriors to the final of the eastern region. Meanwhile, for the Blazers, they should be able to win in the fifth game if you want to extend their breath in the play-offs.

The sixth game will take place on Thursday, May 12 at the headquarters of the Warriors, Oracle Arena, Oakland.

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