17 Hal Audrey Hepburn Dibeli Dari Zara

dari awal karirnya, Audrey Hepburn disemen dirinya sebagai ikon gaya, baik on dan off-screen. Selain bakat, tentu saja, Hepburn begitu dicintai karena ia mampu untuk dengan mudah mencapai bintang film glamor sementara tetap setia padanya estetika gamine tanda tangan. Dan Hepburn adalah salah satu selebriti yang jarang yang pakaian akan menerjemahkan sama dengan baik hari ini seperti yang mereka lakukan pada tahun 50an dan 60-an, membuktikan keabadian bintang.

Sementara Hepburn dikenal karena muse Hubert de Givenchy, kita tidak bisa tidak membayangkan bahwa dia akan pernah dicampur potongan Givenchy nya dengan Zara menemukan seperti selebriti dari generasi kita dikenal untuk melakukan. Dengan demikian, kita menyaring persembahan yang luas dari Zara dengan sensibilitas canggih namun muda nya dalam pikiran dan menemukan membunuh potongan-potongan yang gadis fashion yang elegan dahulu kala akan senang. Jadi jika Anda memuja gaya Audrey Hepburn dan toko Zara tanktop wanita online website, yang satu ini adalah untuk Anda.

Terus bergulir untuk berbelanja 17 buah dari Zara yang kita pikir Audrey Hepburn akan pernah “ditambahkan ke keranjang.”

Pato Expects to Keep Playing in Europe 2016


Alexandre Pato future at Chelsea is believed to be a matter of time. The Brazilian striker is now hoping no other European club interested and recruited him.

Pato joined Chelsea since last January on loan from Corinthians. The Blues have the option to mempermanenkan 26 players this year, but is believed to not be activated clauses.

Ex-AC Milan was only performed twice with Chelsea under Guus Hiddink, successfully contributed one goal. The lack of opportunity was recognized Pato played quite disappointing, because he actually wished she had time to performance capabilities.

“I was there in the room (Hiddink). I asked for the opportunity to speak, explaining my situation. He is very honest: ‘Pato, you come at a time when our players injured. Now they recovered and I am very loyal to my players,'” Pato said to SporTV livescore123.

“I understand the coach’s decision. I arrived at a time when the team closed, competing for a place in the Champions League, in the decisive matches. I was actually hoping to play more often, but I understand the coach’s decision.”

“I do not regret moving on. Chelsea received me very well. I can play, scored, I show myself to perform in Europe, in England. Because many say English is very difficult. But yes, I was hoping for more,” he added as quoted by Sky Sports.

Pato personally already feel will be part of the plan Antonio Conte will take over as manager at Chelsea next season. But he hopes to keep playing in Europe and now opens the opportunity for clubs there.

“I want to stay in Europe. I focus on Europe today, I want to play there. But if not, I will come back here (Corinthians),” he said.

“I said to my agent that at this point I do not want to listen to anyone in Brazil. I can not say yes or no at this point, I do not want to make someone hope or anger. Let us see until July 1 and if there is nothing in Europe, we would sit and listen to these clubs, “said the owner of 27 caps with the Brazilian national team.

Emotions Selena Gomez See a fan write “Marry Justin Bieber ‘


Selena Gomez expression suddenly changed while undergoing a concert in California, last weekend. The cause, Selena saw the writing marry Justin Bieber

elena actually enjoy the concert which was part of a tour Revival. He approached one corner of the stage where fans watched the concert.
When greet his fans, Selena handed a paper titled ‘Please Marry Justin Bieber.’ Suddenly alone, Selena quickly took the paper, squeezed and threw to the other side of the stage.

Selena action that was recorded on camera and he became viral on social media. After throwing the paper, Selena continued his concert.

The fan said he did not intend to make Selena angry or upset. As a fan of both of them, he just wants to see former lovers were reunited and married.

“He did not say anything after that. I get my papers back. I did not mean any harm. I love Justin and Selena and love them together,” he said.

Selena had previously been expressed anxiety to the questions that arise when trying to start the tour Revival. Instead we asked about her world tour, Selena even more often asked about his relationship with Justin Bieber.

“I’m trying to promote something that I love and the rest of the interview that is about my personal life,” lamented Selena Female first quoted as saying.

40 Points Warriors Stephen Curry Take Away from Blazers

Golden State Warriors (GSW) widened the advantage to 3-1 when playing contra Portland Trail Blazers in the fourth game of the NBA play-offs semifinals western region, Tuesday, May 10 noon CST. Stephen Curry donated 40 points to bring the Warriors won with a score of 132-125 through overtime.

Playing at Moda Center, headquarters Blazers, Warriors started the game poorly. They are easily distressed and have to recognize the benefits Blazers with a score of 18-26 in the first quarter.

READ JUGAMenang Through Overtime, Heat Back on RaptorsMenang Excellence in Game Fourth, Thunder Equate notch SpursCavaliers Qualify for the Eastern Conference Finals So even in the second quarter. Dreymond Green et al have not been able to escape from the pressures. They are lagging far behind 57-67. However, gradually, the Warriors improve the appearance of the third quarter. They scored 29 extra points for winning turn thin 86-85.

The fourth quarter, the match was very tight. Blazers who appeared before himself did not shy and provide resistance. Through Damian Lillard, Blazers to improve its performance in the last quarter.

Chase chase inevitable figures. Both Blazers and Warriors continued to alternate the lead. Until the fourth quarter is finished, the same score of 111-111 strong inevitable. The match must be continued into the last overtime.

In the overtime round, the Warriors are better prepared and perform tactical. Curry is really a scourge for the Blazers defense. The defending NBA champions managed to add 21 points in overtime half, while the Blazers only 14 points. The final result Warriors won 132-125.

The best player in this match is Curry with a gain of 40 points. It became the highest achievement points among players who played. In the second place there is the name of his teammate Curry, Klay Thompson scored 27 points.

These results make the Warriors a 3-1 aggregate ungggul over Blazers in the best of seven systems. Another victory brought the Warriors to the final of the eastern region. Meanwhile, for the Blazers, they should be able to win in the fifth game if you want to extend their breath in the play-offs.

The sixth game will take place on Thursday, May 12 at the headquarters of the Warriors, Oracle Arena, Oakland.

Microsoft Lumia 950, Need Improvement Software

In October 2015, Microsoft launched their smart phones that featured innovative Lumia 950. As sebuat flagship device, the Lumia 950 certainly brings a high specification like a premium phone.

No specifications only, Microsoft also introduced a feature Continuum enough to steal the attention at the time peluncurunnya. Then, if indeed this device so special? The following reviews Metrotvnews.com for the Lumia 950, complete with dock and display Microsoft Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard.


No specifications only, Microsoft also introduced a feature Continuum enough to steal the attention at the time peluncurunnya. Then, if indeed this device so special? The following reviews Metrotvnews.com for the Lumia 950, complete with dock and display Microsoft Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard.

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For phones that include premium line, I am quite surprised by the design of the Lumia 950. While other mobile phone vendors started adopting metal or glass material, even Microsoft Lumia 950 with a plastic coating.

Back emphasis on premium clumps, the plastic material is not particularly special in design, and tend to be the same as the other Lumia phones cheaper. On the other hand, the quality of the material offered is nice and makes the Lumia 950 feels solid.

The volume buttons, power, and camera shutter also feels very comfortable when pressed. Lumia 950 also provides a special button for taking pictures. The size of the Lumia 950 really is not that big and is still easy to use with one hand. If you want more easily again, this phone provides one-handed mode.

On the back, you can see the camera position that is to the center of the body. This position was unusual, if referring to the Android-based phone that likes to put the camera in order to over and cornered.

Unlike other Lumia flagship version is the concept unibody, the Lumia 950 back cover can be opened. You will see nano SIM slot and micro SD slot that supports up to 200GB of storage capacity. To install the SIM card and micro SD card, you must disconnect the battery.

In my opinion, unibody concept does facilitate installation of both these cards, but the user should always carry a special appetizer. Meanwhile, the concept of a classic setup, users will not bother looking for opener.
Software & Interfaces
Windows 10 Mobile is embedded in the Lumia 950 is quite light when operating. Windows Mobile does have advantages in terms of performance. Windows Mobile typical appearance that emphasizes the element of tile or boxes for me is something exclusive.

The only thing that matter in this OS is a software ecosystem support from the developers. In fact, application developers prefer to create works for iOS or Android. You do not get confused when it finds social media applications such as Path.

Through Mobile Windows 10, Microsoft wanted to emphasize synchronization between platforms easier. Related mobile OS ecosystem, Windows is still not able to compete with Android and iOS. Microsoft can close this deficiency by presenting a universal application for Windows and Xbox platforms. Therefore, do not be surprised if Microsoft emphasizes integration across platforms through the Windows 10 Mobile.

Examples of the lack of ecosystems are some of the commonly used applications that users of the gadget, no Windows 10 Mobile. You can breathe easier after Facebook restate bring their apps to the Windows Store.

The same fate is not owned Path, which you will not find on this OS. Perhaps most disturbing for some people who live in big cities like Jakarta is the absence of transport-app online such as Go-jack or Grab. Uber does exist, but the number of users is not as much as the two previous applications.

While other manufacturers race to bring security features berupada fingerprint scanner, Microsoft took a different step. Do not want the same with its competitors, Microsoft brings the features of the iris scanner to secure the Lumia 950 from unwanted people. When enabled, you can see a red light at the top right corner of the Lumia 950. The accuracy of this feature is fairly good, but a little bit difficult to wear during dark conditions such as night. You also need to drive a peripheral device to close the eyes, and it can seem strange if done in a public place.

Continuum, these are excellent features that are owned Lumia 950. Microsoft completes the package sales of this phone with Microsoft Display Dock. You can connect the Lumia 950 with a monitor via the HDMI port, and can operate it like a PC. If used without a mouse and keyboard, screen Lumia 950 will be a trackpad for navigation. Universal Foldable Keyboard into a second device that complements the phone. The keyboard design is quite unique, but it takes time to adjust their use.

There are advantages there are also disadvantages. The Continuum features still have limited functionality. Applications that can work well only under Microsoft application just as the ranks of Microsoft Office applications. In addition, the performance is when it becomes a desktop also will not be too good. I still find lag when used for browsing or opening social media.
The camera is a component that is also an advantage Lumia 950. Using the manufacturer Carl Zeiss lens, rear camera has a 20MP quality which features OIS and aperture f / 1.9. When viewed more closely, Lumia 950 provides 3 units of LED flash to support the capture rich features.

By enabling the capture rich without flash, the camera will take a photo with a camera phone such as HDR in general. If the active capture rich mode with flash, the lighting can be very good and optimal. After taking a picture, you can open the option to select the desired flash lighting.

German Government: No Evidence of Religious Motifs Related stabbing


The Government of Germany said there was no evidence that religious motives involved in the stabbing incident at the Railway Station Grafing. The incident killed one person.

“Until now, we did not find any evidence of religious motives involved. The investigation is still continuing,” said government spokesman region of Bavaria, Oliver Platzer, told AFP on Tuesday (05/10/2016).

“We found that the perpetrators of stabbing suffering from psychological problems and drug abuse,” said Platzer.

As previously known, a man suddenly do a stabbing at a train station in Germany.

(Read: The stabbing in Germany, One Person Killed http://internasional.metrotvnews.com/eropa/0KvVmrlK-penikaman-di-jerman-satu-orang-tewas)

Performers are known the 27-year-old, carrying out attacks on Grafing station on Tuesday, May 10th at 5:00 am local time.

Mayor of Grafing Angelik Obermayr said that the perpetrators of stabbing is a German citizen. As a result of the incident, one of the platform of the station Grafing currently banned entry for residents.

While the schedule of train travel comuter colored with a